Products Unlimited is located in Omaha, NE with manufacturing plants in Nebraska and Wisconsin. Between our three divisions we are one of the largest users of polyester fibers in the United Sates. We take pride in manufacturing quality products in the USA.

Home Office
915 N 43rd Ave.
Omaha NE  68131
Phone: 800-234-8456
Fax: 402-341-8516

Products Unlimited, Inc. Comfort Products

Products Unlimited manufactures and distributes Comfort Products to furniture stores, general merchandise retailers, travel stores and healthcare professionals.  Our brands include RestMate, Original Bones and Serta. 

Products Unlimited – Plant 4
4450 Commercial AVE
Omaha,  NE  68110
Phone: 402-341-2823

Paint Pockets is the best performing single-stage overspray arrestor on the market today, bar none!  Explore how our patented design out prerforms other filters while saving you time and money.  For more information about Paint Pockets please visit

Paint Pockets Company
915 N 43rd AVE
Omaha, NE 68131
Phone: 402-341-2823

Beier Trucking

Our fleet of trucks primarily travels throughout the Midwest and East Coast.  We are regularly looking to transport cargo to some of the eastern states.  For more details or general information please contact us.

Products Unlimited / Beier Trucking
1127 N 18th ST
Omaha, NE  68102
Phone: 402-345-6971